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I'm Mike, a guitar builder with a passion for designing and creating beautiful, but functional guitars. Every one of my guitars is unique - designed and built for you! 

Building your guitar always begins with a conversation, which leads to me understanding your needs, your tonal requirements, and what you want from your guitar.  

Once we've planned and designed your Odessa, I'll turn the idea into the guitar you've dreamed of, using high-end hardware and materials.

The hardware I use includes Hipshot and Schaller bridges and tuners. CTS or Bourns pots. Stainless steel frets are standard, as are bone nuts. Pickup makers I use and recommend include: Lollar, Creamery, TV Jones and Fletcher pickups, but it's your choice. I finish my guitars with either a solid colour milk paint, or oil finish.  

Every single one of my guitars is crafted and finished with the same care and commitment, and I only ever work on them one at a time. 

So please feel free to drop me a line via the contact page and we can begin our conversation there.

Odessa Guitars are based in the UK, but my customers play all over the world.

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