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The Degenerate

About this model:

The Degenerate was the second guitar designed for the Odessa stable and with a slightly more ‘punk rock’ sensibility, it provides an understated contrast to the DeadBeat. The body though retaining the familiar flat butt edge™ still boasts restrained contouring that allows for a transformative playing experience. The Degenerate is perfect when paired with Humbuckers, but works magnificently with any other pickup combination. This one is ready to take on the world.


Body timbers – Ash, Oak, Horse Chestnut, Black Walnut etc.

Neck timbers – usually Maple, but happy to use other timbers, just ask.

Fingerboard timbers – Ebony, Bog Oak, Pau Ferro, Marblewood, Black Walnut etc

Scale Length – happy to accommodate most scale lengths, just ask.

Hardware – essentially your choice, but Hipshot tuners and bridges work well with my builds.

Pickups – again, your choice, but favourites include Fletcher pickups, Lollars, and many others.

Good quality hardware include CTS pots and Switchcraft switches Pickguards are hand-cut from aluminium and either powder-coated black or left raw.

Finishes – Milk paint, which allows for the grain and texture of the timber to be seen, or an oiled finish.

Hard case included.

Single pickup version and left-handers available.

Starting price: £1200

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