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The Delinquent

Rounding out the stable is the Delinquent. This design came as a rethinking of the short run Corrade model. This is the redrafted version with a smaller butt-end (thanks Isaac), but otherwise maintaining all the usual Odessa curves and appointments. It maintains all of the squally attitude of its brothers and sisters but otherwise is completely its own beast.



Body timbers – Ash, Oak, Horse Chestnut, Black Walnut etc.

Neck timbers – usually Maple, but happy to use other timbers, just ask.

Fingerboard timbers – Ebony, Bog Oak, Pau Ferro, Marblewood, Black Walnut etc

Scale Length – happy to accommodate most scale lengths, just ask.

Hardware – essentially your choice, but Hipshot tuners and bridges work well with my builds.

Pickups – again, your choice, but favourites include Fletcher pickups, Lollars, and many others.

Good quality hardware include CTS pots and Switchcraft switches Pickguards are hand-cut from aluminium and either powder-coated black or left raw.

Finishes – Milk paint, which allows for the grain and texture of the timber to be seen, or an oiled finish.

Hard case included.

Starting price: £1200

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